Monday, September 26, 2011

Justin Bieber Party

My daughter has "Bieber Fever" like most girls her age.  So for her 9th birthday, we had a Justin Bieber theme party.  Don't think you will ever have a Justin Bieber party?  Never Say Never!!

We made our own invitations on the computer that looked like concert tickets:

Typical party paper goods:

Since the party guests are getting older, I thought I could go with a smaller goody bag and give them things can really use (or eat).  Pen, pencil, elastic hair bands, a ring, candy, and a Justin Bieber sticker....all in purple!

We had sour patch kids candy - it's Justin's favorite.  We also had some chocolate candy and cupcakes.  The chocolate microphones are made with candy molds and pretzel sticks.  We added purple food coloring to the cupcake batter, used purple cupcake liners, and made toppers with purple paper. Add a little sparkle to the cupcakes with some edible disco dust.

I made the cake using fondant and an edible image that I bought at my local cake store. I made the microphone with chocolate fondant.