Thursday, April 14, 2011

Minnie Camera Strap & Tea Cup Pin Cushion

I made another camera strap for my upcoming Disney World trip in June.  I love Minnie Mouse, so I had to use the polka dot fabric. This time I added a little more padding to make it extra comfy, but basically I made it the same as I did here

Speaking of Disney, let me show you my favorite pin cushion...ever!  A little while back I did a pin cushion swap with some fantastic ladies and my swap partner, Cassie, sent me this super fun pin cushion.  That's right folks, I have a Cassie Box original...please don't be jealous. It is a fun mixture of the Mad Tea Party and Minnie's famous colors.  Don't you love it?!?

 Here it is with pins.  I am so silly....I will only put Mickey/Minnie color pins in it (red, white, yellow, or black).  Don't even think about putting a blue head pin in this tea cup!


  1. Love the camera strap Judy! That is too funny! I just picked up some fabric (Disney style) to make a pin cushion for one of our upcoming Disney/Pixar blog hops! I have a Disney mug to use though. I think your idea with the tea cup and "Spin me" is adorable!


  2. So cute. I'm jealous you get to go to Disney World! I went back in 2002 and had so much fun =)

  3. Such a cute pin cushion and I love the camera straps. Polka dots...what's not to love??