Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tom Sawyer Island

We are back from our Walt Disney World  vacation and we really had a great time.  This time while we were in the Magic Kingdom, we decided to hunt for the hidden paint brushes on Tom Sawyer Island.  If you haven't heard about the paint brushes, you aren't the only one. When in the Magic Kingdom, many people overlook taking the raft to Tom Sawyer Island....and some people go to the island without knowing that paintbrushes are hidden daily by Disney cast members. If you and your party find one of these paintbrushes, you can return it to a Disney employee in exchange for a Fastpass for your entire group. Only one paint brush per family. The first time we tried, we came back empty handed.  The second time we went earlier to catch the first raft to the island and we found a paint brush!  (The island doesn't open until 10:00am.)  Our raft driver said there start out with about 8 paint brushes and rehide some when the are found, but the best way to find them is to come early.

We found our brush hidden in this bush.  We saw it because of the white paint.

Here we both are with the brush.

I have seen pictures of brushes that other people found and they had instructions printed on the brush.  We didn't have anything printed on our brush and neither did anyone else that we saw finding them that day.
My daughter trading the paint brush for fast passes.

We got fast passes for Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.  My husband and son missed out because they were over at Animal Kingdom, but they would have gotten them too if they had been with us.
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  1. How fun! I love Disney World. I can't wait to take my boys one day. Gotta love the fast pass :)

  2. How cool! What a fun tip! Your daughter looks totally geeked!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. FUN!! I had no idea they did this. I will have to remember if we make it there!!