Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun in the Sun

I want to share some cards with you that are all about fun in the sun.  My friend Patty designed them and I made them at one of her card classes.  She designed these cards using punches that I bet a lot of you already have. (A big congratulations to Patty....she just became Grandmother for the first time.)

This little guy is made with oval punches for the body and beak, half of a butterfly for his head, and his feet are part of a snow flake punch.

This sun burned dude is a bunch of circles and ovals with corner punches for this arms.  The sun is a scallop and circle.

Here we have circle, scallop, and cloud punches.  The flip flops are made with the dog tag punch, oval punch, and flower punch.

This is a fun one made using circles of all sizes.  The tentacles are just cut up strips of paper.
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  1. Those are adorable! Wow, you have a talent for that. Cute, cute.

  2. Cute summer cards! I love the pelican!!

  3. Oh my gosh! Your cards are AWESOME!!! I love them. I'll have to see if I have those punches because I'm so going to steal these fantastic ideas =o)