Thursday, June 6, 2013

May I have your autograph please...

If your summer plans include a Disney vacation, you are sure to get some character pictures and autographs.  How about getting those autographs on something you can use, rather than the typical autograph book?
Here's an idea of what I mean....
I got a canvas bag, added some Disney ribbons to the top (if it's for a boy, you can leave the ribbon off and it still looks great), and had the characters sign it with fabric markers.  Using both sides of the bag gives you plenty of room to get a LOT of character signatures. To make it stable, I had a piece of thick card board inside the bag and wrapped the sides around it tight.  It worked great!!
*Note: Keep in mind that some characters use a stamp instead of signing, like Buzz Lightyear, because they can't hold a pen.  So it may not work as well, and if it does, it will probably wash out if you toss it in the laundry. My solution....I let them stamp paper then traced it onto the bag using a light box when I got home. I guess that's cheating, but I really wanted it on the bag. ;-)

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