Monday, November 1, 2010

Good bye Halloween

I am so sad to say good bye to Halloween.  I love this time of year and it seems to have come and gone so quickly this year.  I guess it is time to move on to the next holiday, but before I do, I am going to do one last last Halloween post. 
These pretty cookies look hard to make, but they are very easy.  Bake sugar cookies.  Then you will want have a new rubber stamp or one that has been cleaned really good.  Your "ink" will be gel food coloring.  Roll the fondant out and stamp the image.  Then cut with a circle cutter.  Let the "ink" dry a little before putting the fondant on the cookie. Use regular frosting as the glue to hold the fondant to the cookie.  This idea is great for any holiday.

These finger and claw cookies are made using the Wilton finger cookie mold.  I used Royal icing to decorate.

Wrap hot dogs with cresent rolls and bake.  Use mustard for the eyes.
Mummy easy and so yummy!


  1. those cookies are bootiful

  2. We made mummy dogs too! My boys LOVED them.