Saturday, November 6, 2010

Let them eat cake!

I am a sort of a newbie at cake decorating.  I took my first class 2 years ago.  I really enjoy it and have actually made a little money doing it too.  If you have ever thought about taking a cake decorating class, you should do it.  Get get some friends together and make it a girl's night out.  Here a few of my cakes.
I made this one for my neice's birthday to match her invitation.

This is our family Easter cake.  I didn't make the bunny, but I did make the flowers.

This is one is covered in fondant.  I personally don't like the way fondant tastes, but it does make a pretty cake. The characters on top can be kept as toys and the storm troopers are rings for all the party guests.

This one is for an 11 year old girl's birthday party.  The decorations are made from fondant, but I used buttercream to cover the cake so it would taste yummy.
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  1. Judy!!!!!!!
    These are amazing!!!
    I love that Star Wars cake!!!
    I agree...fondant doesn't taste great but just put it on top of some buttercream and I am lovin' it.
    I {heart} cake!!

  2. I've thought about taking a cake decorating class. Love the bowling cake!!