Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Goodies

Some of my Twilight Saga crazy friends and myself decided to go see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn.  Well, you just can't go to a movie that late without a midnight snack - goodie bags are a must!!

I used the Martha Stewart "Drippy Goo" punch to add some blood at the bottom of the tag.  To make the blood look wet, I added a little diamond glaze.

The goodie bags have Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares (with gooey red rasberry filling inside), vampire fang cookies, and vampire bite cookies.  Oh, and plastic vampire teeth...of course.   :-)

These vampire bite cookies are so much fun.  They are filled with red jelly on the inside, so when you bite into them, they "bleed".  I got the idea and recipe from Baking Bites blog. Check out it out for the complete recipe.

 I made these sugar cookies using the Wilton Vampire Fang pan. 


  1. I love the cookies..what a great idea!
    Hope the movie was good, I am waiting a bit because the wait was longer than 2 hours for each show.

  2. This is so cool! Love the cookies and I totally need that punch!!! So cool!