Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Snacks

These are my little snacks I made for Thanksgiving this year.

Candy Acorns
I found the idea for these acorns on me some Pinterest! I couldn't get it to link back to the directions, but it was easy enough to figure out.  Here's how I made them: Open mini Nutter Butter cookies and remove the peanut butter. Put a small skillet on the the stove eye and get it hot, touch the bottom of the Hershey kiss to the skillet to melt it, then stick the melted part to the Nutter Butter.  Melt the bottom of a chocolate chip and put it on top as a stem.

Turkey Cake Pops

Make your chocolate cake pops.  Be sure they have chilled for about 30 minutes then use melted chocolate as glue to put the candy corn feathers on.  Let those chill for a few minutes, then add the eyes (made ahead of time from royal icing), beak (pointed end of candy corn), and waddle (candy sprinkle).


  1. You did it again!! So cute ~ I saw the acorns on Pinterest too :)

  2. I LOVE those acorns--so cute!!