Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stache Bash Party

Mustaches are so "in" right now and my daughter is crazy about them.  For her birthday we had a Stache Bash....which is ten year old lingo for a night time swimming party at our neighborhood pool.  The idea was to go simple and save some money, so we didn't go all crazy with the decorations, but we did incorporate some of the much loved 'staches into the theme.

BANNER: I made a simple banner using Hobby Lobby brand pattern paper.  Cut triangles, add letters (I used large foam stamps), add some mustaches, punch holes in the corners, and string up with gift wrap ribbon. The mustaches are cut using my Silhouette, but you can find a lot of mustache stickers at Hobby Lobby if you don't have a cutter. 
DRINKS: Peel the labels off water bottles and replace them with some cool mustache Duck Tape. It's best to do this while they are room temperature.  I found the tape at Wal-Mart.  Keep your waters cool by adding some frozen water balloons to your cooler. 
TABLE CONFETTI:  I used my silhouette to cut small mustaches and sprinkled them around.
THE CAKE: This is an "ice cream sandwich ice cream cake" that I found on Pinterest.  It is so good that my daughter requested it instead of a traditional birthday cake.  It is very easy to make...and sooo yummy. 
 PARTY FAVORS: All of the party guests got their own "fun noodle" pool toy to keep ($1 at the Dollar Tree) and left with mustache finger tattoos and a mustache ring.  The tattoos were in a pack with 5 sheets for $1 at the Dollar Tree and the rings were cupcake toppers found at my local cake store for about 20 cents each.

PARTY PICS: I made this Polaroid frame using a foam core poster board. The foam core board was also a Dollar Tree find.  Just cut it to the size you want and add a caption at the bottom.  I did a caption on each side using some clear stamps.  My daughter had a picture with each party guest and sent them a picture along with her thank you note.

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